No Day But Today
23 yo pansexual/gay theatre actor/director. This page is an assortment of things I like (boys/men, queerness, theatre, musical theatre, movies, cute animals, just plain pretty pictures) and my thoughts.

Fandoms: Theatre, Broadway, Les Mis, bare, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, LoTR/Hobbit, Perks

Ships: Deamus - (OTP), Billy/Michael - Billy Elliot (brOTP - less than an OTP, more than a BrOTP), Sterek (OTP), JohnLock, Doctor/Rose, Zukka, Drary, E/R, Klaine

My Scores

You know what makes me the happiest about the Les Mis film?

We’re all responding with fairly enthusiastic positivity. ¬†After I saw it I loved it, but I was prepared for there to be a contingent of people who took all of the cuts and reordering and rough singing to heart, but all the tumblr posts I’ve seen are about how wonderful it is and i just…